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Masses Of Targeted Traffic For Free

Finding targeted traffic that converts is one of the hardest steps to overcome for beginner marketers & even experienced marketers. Some go well out of their way to find good, reliable, targeted traffic sources. Some spend fortunes on ad expenditure each and every month, heck if the ROI is decent then why not, but my favoruite traffic sources are all free & they bring in more traffic to my landing pages than any of promotion methods out there!

My number one free traffic source is viral traffic, but to get viral traffic you always need a reliable traffic source in the first place. This is where the latest addition to BlackHatToolz comes into play.

The program’s name is Tweeter Traffic. The software uses the Twitter search API to find users that are tweeting your chosen keyword(s) to find targeted users. From there the application then goes on to reply to them specific users with your chosen tweet. Check out an example below:

Let’s say your niche is online marketing. Within Tweeter Traffic you can enter keywords such as: online marketing, online promotion, website traffic, website promotion, work online.

The program will select one of your keywords every X seconds, depending on your set options & then find Twitter users that have recently tweeted with your keywords. After the software has gained these users it will then respond to the users from your own Twitter account(s) with your chosen tweet, E.g. I started working online with the help of this site:

From this example you should be able to see just how targeted you can get your campaigns down to & just how easy the software makes it to gain fast, easy, free traffic. You can also select whether to respond to a single user, or multiple users at the same time.

On top of all this, the software also allows use of unlimited campaigns & the software is completely multi-threaded allowing you to gain traffic to ALL of your campaigns at the same time!

Check out this screenshot below to see just how easy it is to find thousands of targeted users on Twitter to get to your site:

The above screenshot shows just 10 campaigns that have been running for 12 hours. These campaigns have since gained over 6200 hits to my landing pages (excluding the 16,000 bot hits!!!).

Check out all of the features & more screenshots of the program here: